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Who made the decision within the Riverside government to publicly reprimand Riverside Ward 4 Councilman Paul Davis, for the French fries incident between him and a female Fire Department inspector ?
Councilman Paul Davis and wife May.
According with Mayor Ron Loveridge, this is the first time in his 33 years at the dais he has seen a council member been reprimanded in public.

We don't have to be a Sherlock Holmes to see that this French fries episode doesn't smell good. It is fishy. It does look like a political vendetta against Davis.

There are more questions to be answered. If the French fries could talk!

What we have found out so far is that the investigator hired by the City is Jeff Calopy, an ex Riverside Lieutenant, who is a very close friend of City Attorney Greg Priamos. Mayor Pro-Term William Bailey publicly read loud and clear a Council reprimand to Davis at the City Council meeting of August 28, 2012.
So much for a harmonious Council!

The French fries incident was on August 10, 2012. Davis and his wife May were distributing food from one of those food trucks, during the Food Festival in downtown. There was a verbal interchange between the Councilman and the Fire Department inspector, regarding the lack of extinguishers. The inspector accused Davis of being rude and disrespectful.

Did Davis tell her f--- you?

Did Davis hit her?

Did Davis kill someone?

Did Davis flash to her funny Police badges? Did he use especial and privileged cold license plates as it happened a few years ago at the Riverside government level and nobody was publicly reprimanded? How about pople involved in proven sexual harrassment cases that were not publicly reprimanded?

Let's arrest Paul Davis, crucify him as the Jews did to Jesus Christ. “Kill Davis!, kill Davis!, kill Davis!” Let's introduce a motion to suppress the sales of French fries in Riverside, like the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomerang cut off the sales of giant sodas and the making of love inside cars.

City Attorney Greg Priamos noted that the investigation of his friend Jeff Calopy determined the complaint was founded. Mayor Pro-Term and Mayor candidate William Bailey publicly said at the August 28 meeting, “ The City Council does not condone the actions of Councilman Davis, founded through a complaint and interview by a city employee and investigated by a private detective. The City Council will continue to call for behavior expected of a public official serving the residents of Riverside.”

So much for a harmonious Council.

Let's crucify Paul Davis. “Guilty!, guilty!, guilty!”

But what kind of investigation made Mr. Calopy, who did not interview Davis? Calopy only heard the Fire Department's inspector complaint and then made a report to the City.

Jesus!, in the meantime, what happened to the French fries during those arguments between Paul and the inspector? Did they burn? That would have been terrible.

Why does the City keep secret the name of the inspector as the Council do on issues in the Consent Calendar? Are we lacking “Glasnost (Openness)?” We need Mikhail Gorbachev to speak at the City Council meetings in Oral Communication (3 minutes.). Perhaps the Council needs “Perestroika” (restructuring.)

The bottom line is that Paul Davis is one of the hardest working council members. His terrific energy has been put at the service of the people. This makes some people angry, invidious. He and Priamos have had their differences in the past, but we don't know yet for sure who orchestrated the public reprimand. When we find it out, it will be written.

I have been criticizing Davis about his relationship with members of the Communist Vietnam government, as well as many officials and personalities who have been dealing with those thugs and enemies of the United States of America.

But regarding the French Fries soap opera, we support Paul a hundred and ten percent.

Oh, by the way, Paul owes me a bulk of French fries. But I will forgive him, if he brings French fries for everybody at the next City Council meeting.

Double rations for Priamos and Bailey, please.

Ex Council member Art Gage was present during the incident at the Food Festival, so we are inviting him to speak at the incoming City Council meeting and tell what he saw and heard. Listen and see our publisher delivering a speech about the subject on the Internet: City of Riverside---City Council on the web---select date, September 4, 2012. (video.)

Thanks to doctors, nurses, and employees of the Riverside Community Hospital, for their professionalism and kindness treating patients. Thanks in particular to Doctor Kang, Steve in X-Ray, Mose in the lab, first check-in personnel, and Delia as assistant. S. Santana.

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