Friday, July 6, 2012


If you had a heart condition, you shouldn't have attended the Paul and May Davis Polynesian Fund Raising Party at their beautiful home on Crestbrook. It could have been very dangerous.Those hula dancers move faster than the new Falcon HTV-2, that flies at 13,000 miles per hour.

Ward 4 Councilman Paul Davis is running for re-election in June 2013, but he wasn't wasting time to kick off his campaign.

The party was out of this world: Dozens and dozens of selected people of our society; excellent life music by the Tupua Group and its dancers, food as delicious as only May can cook, open bar, happiness, the works.

Use of fire is typical of Polynesian dancing. It
is a very dangerous performance art, and
precautions have to be taken.
Two of the distinguished attendants at the Polynesian Party were Riverside Mayoral candidates Ed Adkison and William Bailey. They were seen talking to different people about seven meters distance one from the other, but they never said hello to each other. This is an indication of what is going to be the closest and hottest election in our City in decades, on November of this year. The Truth is endorsing Ed Adkison.

Host Paul Davis delivered a brief speech, informing the state of the City, how Riverside has been blessed by God during the economic crisis, still having a very substantial financial reserve, all the great achievements accomplished not only in his Ward 4, but in the rest of the City. But  he noticed that the hard work cannot stop, there are many projects to be done for the benefit of the108,000 people who live in our town. We have grown and will continue to grow. Aloha, which it means in Hawaiian affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. Aloha!

A nice smile worth more than the whole money in the world. It is contagious, it does make people happy. She is Nola Tainter, Director of the staff of the office of Councilman Paul Davis.The handsome guy next to her is her husband Lee. What a nice couple!

Dear reader, if you have been in vacation and have missed lately very important issues in our publication, they are still here for you: The Mexican election, How Cuban Ladies helped George Washington, Ed Adkison fund raising, Details of the capture of a cop killer by RPD Lt. Larry Gonzalez, The lack of brains of a criminal, Farewell to Ron Loveridge (interview), the shooting at City Hall, a recount of the primary mayoral election in Riverside, and much more. 


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