Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Down with Malone at the Fox Theater

A very strong message was delivered at the City Council meeting of May 15, 2012, against the Operator of the Fox Theater, William Malone.

William Malone, Operator
of the  Fox Theater. He has
been a public relations
Our publisher used the podium to condemn a situation that has been negative for the City of Riverside.

"In January 2010, something very especial happened in Riverside: The gala for the opening of the restored Fox Theater.

"I personally had the privilege to be invited to the gala by the former City Manager Brad Hudson. What a night!

"Ladies and gentlemen dressing with elegance, pomp and circumstances, life music, giant chandeliers illuminating impressively decorated ceiling and walls, the spirit of God Baco (cocktails) making the attendants happier, a soft and beautiful red carpet telling 'You are welcome,' to everybody.

"I never was so proud to be a Riversider.

"But some black clouds were engulfing the gorgeous and historic building on Market and Mission Avenue. The operator of the Fox Theater was and is an anti-social individual, who shows no respect for others, including the press.

"William Malone refused to answer phone calls and requests for interviews and information. He was and he is rude, even with executives of the entertainment world. The Press-Enterprise complained. The Truth Publication complained. Councilman Paul Davis complained.

"Now, finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It has been published that Mister Malone's contract won't be renewed in 2013. Another year of rudeness and lack of brains.

"We all expect the new operator will be a good public relations executive. We all expect that he or she will treat the people of Riverside as we deserve. We all expect that he or she will establish a good relationship with the press, which is the way to have free promotions, free publicity, free advertisements."


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