Thursday, September 13, 2012


Temporarily, I am battling a painful illness that will be defeated. Therefore, I am obligated for the time being to concentrate on a very strict medical orders. I won't write or speak for a period of time regularly, but I will continue to do it with the grace of God and my Angel as soon as health permitted to keep fighting for justice and freedom Thanks to all of you.

But there are still many stories in these pages of permanent interest, like the creation of al Qaeda, The French Fries Soap Opera, The relations between Riverside and cities of Communist countries, The Inside of the City government, The FOX fiasco, A passage of the American history, How the killer of RPD Officer Ryan Bonaminio was caught, Exclusive interview with Mayor Ron Loveridge, A 98 years old man enjoying an excellent health, and many more.

When all Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, all Americans, should be united to fight the enemy of our nation, Mitt Romney has politicized the attack to our embassy in Libya. Romney and those who behave like him so selfishly, individualistically and anti-patriotically, it does make me vomit.

Nevertheless of the content in the first paragraph, some brief comments and stories will appear sporadically. 


To walk in these days by the beautiful City of Riverside it takes to be prepared with defensive armored or money. There are beggars all over the place, especially by Main Street and CVS Pharmacy on Market and 3rd. We are getting close to skid row in L.A., full of homeless. On Tuesday, September 18, the City Council will bring up the subject to discussion and hopefully a solution could be found to this big problem in the City of Arts and Renovation and Homeless. Being fair, the City has presented a program to solve the homeless situation. Money is needed, so the whole community should be involved, not only the government.

Mitt Romney has demonstrated his lack of qualifications to be president. Once, he traveled in his car placing his dog on the top of the vehicle, torching  and terrorizing it. Now, he just said that almost half of the people in our country, including seniors, blacks, Spanish, and whites also are a bunch of useless individuals who pay no taxes (second class citizens). How about sales and housing taxes? Such a statement clearly defines how a bad politician Romney is. It will cost him the loss of thousands of votes. This greedy and Mormon billionaire is totally disconnected from the middle and poor classes. He lives in the world of the super rich, caring less for the less fortunate. God saves us from having him in the White House.


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