Sunday, June 10, 2012


*** The Riverside Election Shortcomings.

*** Was Justice Served a Hundred Percent?

"Who cares about voting?"
The seven candidates who participated in the recent Riverside election for Mayor should deserve credit for their clean and respectful campaigns. No low blows, no personal attacks, no diatribes.

Mike Gardner, Andy Melendrez, William Bailey, Ed Adkison, Devonne Pitruzzelo, Peter Benavides and Aurora Chavez set a example to the rest of the country of how political campaigns should be run.

They stuck just to the issues.

The same cannot be said for 80% of the registered voters, who completely ignored their citizen and moral obligations staying away from the polls. What a shame!

The word democracy comes from the Greek language: Demos (people); Kratos (power.)

Democracy requires people's participation in the election of their governments.

The fact that only 20% of the registered voters in Riverside cast their votes, it is alarming, it is disgusting, it is anti patriotic. It is a dagger in the heart to our free enterprise system. In round numbers, 24,000 people voted out of 120,000.

Out of those 24,000 voters, about 6,500 voters are the ones deciding who will govern all of us. In a City with 308,000 inhabitants! This is crazy!

Does that 80% have lost faith in politicians? Do the bad examples of leaders as John Edwards, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have destroyed the faith in our bellwethers?

We have to bring that 80% to the polls, or the United States will become another China.


Bailey: 9,869. Adkison: 8,190. Gardner: 5,028. Melendrez: 4,304. Pitruzzello: 1,094. Chavez: 1,068. Benavidez: 644. Total: 30,197. Registered voters (round numbers) 120,000. 25% of register voters cast their ballots. (Report by Donald Gallegos.)

The killing of Riverside Police Officer Ryan Bonaminio and the trial of People v. Earl Ellis Green have been one of the saddest episodes in the history of Riverside.

There were no excuses for Green to kill the officer. It was an execution style assassination. The jury (not a black juror in the jury) came up with a first degree murder with especial circumstances verdict, and a recommendation for death in the penalty phase. In June 25, 2012, the Judge will dictate sentence, ratifying the jurors' recommendation, or change it to life in prison without parole. This will be very improbable.
Earl Ellis Green

But does justice have been served a hundred percent?

As guilty is Green for killing a young and magnificent RPD Officer, as society that never took care of his killer, a child and an adult mentally and emotionally traumatized by a broken home, by abused parents, knowing nothing but violence around him during his whole turbulent and miserable life. Green was abandoned by society. He had no help from us. He became a monster, insensible to death, to the welfare of others.

Green was not and is not a normal person. He has the mentally of a child. Could you image he was laughing when the jury recommended the death penalty? Is it that normal? He was laughing at the judge, at the jury, at the relatives of the officer.

Convicted Earl Ellis Green will be alive (maybe) for another 25 or 30 years in death row. We, taxpayers, are going to pay for his shelter, food, and clothing.

He has found a new home. He's happy. No signs of remorse visible.

When society is going to be seated in the defendant's chair?


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