Sunday, April 29, 2012


These are the Riverside Police Dispatchers who answer 911 calls.
From left to right are Elva Stroup, Christine Kelsey, Michelle

Jensen, Gail Muench, Tanya Richardson, Sergeant Bryan
Dailey, Steve Powell, and Supervisor Kelley Ubelhor. They all
were honored at City Hall this month. (RPD Sergeant Bryan Dailey,
Communications Bureau Manager, contributed to this story.)

In many occasions, Dispatchers get life threatening phone calls and decisions have to be made in a fraction of seconds. At the time a person calls 911, an Officer who is listening the information could order a patrol unit (s) to show up at the reported location while the conversation between the caller and the Dispatcher is still on.

Dispatchers complain of 911 calls that are not emergencies. One of them told our reporter that she received a phone call from a lady who reported the following, "My cat went outside...I am afraid she could be hit by car. Could you send an officer to get Florinda?" 

Another Dispatcher informed The Truth that not too long ago a man called 911 saying, "Do you know what is the right temperature I should set the oven to cook a whole chicken?" Needless to say that those type of calls could delay help for people who really need it, by jamming the line.

Supervisor Ubelhor stated how important is for Dispatchers not to panic when desperate calls are received. "You have to overcome emotions and stay cool to make the right decision," she affirmed. And she shared with the reporter how once she helped a terrified husband to assist his wife, who was giving birth inside their car. "I was so happy to help," she humbly said. 


On May 1, 2012, in Riverside and many other cities protesters demonstrated on the streets. They could not be Communists, but, coincidentally, May 1 is the Day celebrated by the International "Red" Workers. Also, this May 1 was the first anniversary that Osama Bin-laden was killed by Navy Blue Seals. In Riverside, despite a scuffle between some protesters and police, no major disturbances were reported. Only two protesters were arrested, for disorderly conduct.

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