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Will You Reach 98 Years Old in Excellent Shape?

Dr. Héctor Zayas Bazán Will Tell Us How.

This is an amazing story that we couldn't pass unnoticed. It is the story of a 98 years old man, who enjoys an excellent health.

by Salvador Santana

Dr. Héctor Zayas Bazán delivering
one of the many presentations he had
made in the U.S. and Latin America
before Pharmacist Associations. 
Dr. Héctor Zayas Bazán graduated in the Havana University as a Pharmacist on July 19, 1939. He later earned a faculty and became professor of Ontology and History of Pharmacy and Law of Pharmacy, which he held until the arrival of Communism to Cuba in 1959.

Zayas Bazán is a descendant of a very distinguished family in the Island. His grandfather and father fought in the war against the Spaniards in 1898-1902, the Independence War. It was in May 20, 1902, when Cuba became a democratic Republic, being its first president Don Tomas Estrada Palma.

Bazán will tell us his secret to keep in a good shape at 98. He is also a good public speaker, well known in the circle of Pharmacists in his country, in the United States of America, and in Latin America. He needs more walls in his home to exhibit all the diplomas he has got in Cuba and in the U.S. during his brilliant career and many public presentations. Oh, he's a great poet too, having published many of his poems.

What is he doing now? Of course, he's retired. But still writes non-profital books,  drive his car, and go to the gym. His vision is 20-20. Constantly, he's receiving invitations from other countries to attend conferences related to his profession. He's considering now to travel to Salvador, where one of those events will take place in December. His mind is as sharp as a Cuban machete.

Our unique country man was born in Camagüey Province, at the east side of Cuba, on April 24, 1914, about three months before the start of World War I. Camagüey was known for its vast prairies where the breeding and care of one of the best castle in the world were taken care by experts. Exportation of castle used to be a source of great revenues for entrepreneurs and for the country at large before the Castros. One of the customs in Camagüey is the display of big pitchers (tinajones) on the patios of each home.


When Dr. Zayas Bazán was working for Linner Lab in Havana, at the same time he was attending the University, in 1938 he married Hilda Acosta McDonald, niece of the great Cuban poet Agustin Acosta. Until the death of Hilda on September 27, 2008, his love for her was demonstrated taking care of her in their home. Hilda was suffering of Alzheimer disease, and Hector didn't want to place her in a clinic. He actually lived for the love of his life taking care of her ever minute of the day. Amazing great heart! Hilda gave him a daughter, Teresita, now 71, living also in Costa Mesa, California, near her father. Our friend Héctor has the same last name of Carmen Zayas Bazán, the wife of the Cuban  Apostle José Martí. 

--- How did you manage to be so healthy at 98,? we asked Dr. Zayas Bazán.

--- Very simple,he said. “I never smoked, never drunk alcohol or took drugs, I have exercised all the time, and eat healthy food, fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, turkey. I have never eaten red meat. That's all.”

"I have never eaten red meat,
smoke, take drugs, or drink
alcohol."---Dr. Zayas Bazán.

--- That's all? Do your drive? How is your vision?

--- I drive almost every day. My vision is 20-20.

--- We know you are the author of a few books and booklets...

--- So far, eight. The most important is the Manual of Pharmacy Legislation which was used by the students at the School of Pharmacy in the Havana University, until I resigned the position at the time Communism took over in the Island.

--- You have traveled a lot in North, South, and Central America and the Caribbean too. Why have you traveled so much?

--- Because I have been invited from many countries to attend conferences and deliver speeches regarding the profession of Pharmacy. I am the only Cuban Pharmacist who has been declared member of honor of the American Pharmaceutical Association, with offices in Washington, D.C. Also in Spain, I am a member of the Spaniard Pharmaceutical Association.

--- What is that... Costa Mesa Police Department diploma?

--- Oh, that is for the course I completed, as a CMPD volunteer.

--- Jesus! Have you ever been sick or been operated?

–- Those words are not in my dictionary.

--- You're an amazing human being, doctor. We wish we have lived the same healthy life as yours. We'll never hit the 98. We're not kidding! Doctor, happy birthday on April 24, 2012! We'll see you when you hit a 100...if we're still alive. This is too much for us..

¡Hasta la vista!

(You could wish a very happy birthday to Dr. Zayas Bazán, calling him at 1-714-662-3904. He'll be glad you call because he feels very lonesome after the passing of his wife.) 


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