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How to Eliminate Gangs and Violence

When it looked like Riverside East Side got rid of the racial problems that hit the area in the past between some Blacks and Hispanics, violence erupted again on February 23, 2012, when a good and clean 14 years old black student was shot to death close to his home on Georgia Street.  Lareanz Simmons was a Poly High School freshman and member of the ROTC Program. He was a good kid, loved by everybody.

The good people who live in the East Side, blacks as well and Hispanics and White, are living under terror. They care especially for their young boys and girls who have to walk going to school or other places.

This situation has to stop in our beautiful town!

There is no room for violence in our City. Much less, violence due to racial hatred.

This is a social problem, an stupid social conflict between people who should be united to fight poverty, injustice, and lack of future. This horrible and bloody urban war is possible because legislators have skipped their duties with society.

Just to be a member of a gang should be enough reason for a severe punishment. It is an understatement to say that gang membership equals to crime: murder, drugs, violence. Police knows where they hide, but they have their hands tied up because of lack of legislation and the presence of a tolerance system with criminals.

It really makes you mad, when you hear that criminals are being released from prisons because there are not sufficient numbers of those facilities. Why didn't our federal and state government prevent such status? Why didn't they use the money for that important issue, instead to spend it in much less necessities? The safety of the citizens should be a priority!

Years ago, during the Riverside Police command of Chief Russ Leach, the Riverside County District Attorney sought a gang injunction against the East Side Rivas gang, which it made its members to disperse. Then, some Hispanics activists complained that law abiding residents were target by law enforcement agents. Well, there is a saying, no matter what you do, right or wrong, you are always "wrong."

We need legislation to make gang membership illegal. We need the construction of more prisons. We need to take more care of the poor areas. We need to convert hatred in love and wisdom. We have to work harder with parents.

The good citizens of Riverside deserve to live in peace!

Our deep condolences to the family and friends of Lareanz Simmons. We share their pain. The family decided to donor Larenz's organs, to save other people's lives.

Lareanz's family has established a trust fund to accept donations for medical expenses and funeral costs: Stuart and Simmons Donations, Bank of America Account 0621618929.


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