Thursday, September 9, 2010

Castro Admits Communism Fiasco

After 50 years of governing and destroying Cuba, after thousands of people killed by the dictatorship, after dividing the Cuban family, after converting a rich county in a miserable one, Fidel Castro has just admitted that Communism is not good, that doesn't work anymore. ``The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore," the dictator told a journalist.

Who gave him the clue?

Even the most poor educated people know that Communism is slavery and hunger, where individuals rights and freedom don't exist. This is why the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989-90, why in North Korea the people died on the streets by starvation.

The surprising statements of Fidel Castro, 84, to Jeffrey Godberg of The Atlantic magazine have to be taken with great reservation. Those who know Castro very well are aware of his stubbornness and manipulation of the masses. The situation in Cuba is so horrible that the tyrant is desperate and maneuvering something, not openly disclosed yet.

But we alert the people not to be optimistic about a real change of the Cuban system, much less having free election. Castro has lied thousands of times before for his personal benefit, so why to believe him now? But the good news is that the tyrant has admitted that Communism is a total political, economic, and social failure.

After 50 years! What a bloody joke! Those thousands of skeletons underneath the earth have to be shaking of joy and repugnance at the same time. The relatives of those who were victims of the Castro siblings are crying of indignation.

Let's wait and see what kind of new soap opera is elaborating this monster. What could it be behind this stunning admission? Could Castro and the U.S. government have been negotiating something? Time will tell.

Some Passages in the Life of Fidel Castro

At the triumph of the revolution in 1959, Fidel Castro told the whole world, "Our revolution is as green and the palms, not red," meaning it was democratic, not Communist. He promised free elections.

After a while, when he organized his militia nation wide, he declared, "I have been a Communist all my life. Elections for what?"

When he visited New York in 1959, Castro told the American people he was a democratic leader, at the time he was showing a Jesus Christ necklace.


Some of the Castro's siblings are bastards sons and daughters, due to the unlawful sexual relations between his father and the maid Lina Ruz. At that time, the Cuban society repudiated bastards. This caused a profound psychological damage to the future Cuba dictator.

When Lina Ruz died and Raul Castro was lamented her death, Fidel told him, "Who cares about that bitch?" Later on, being in power, he said horrible things about his father, "an exploiter of workers." Fidel was the favorite son of his father, who gave him everything but the kitchen sink.

During one of his long speeches on T.V., Fidel's brother wrote a note to him saying, "Your son Fidelito just has been involved in an automobile accident and he is in serious condition in the hospital." Fidel kept talking for three more hours. When he finished, his wife Mirta told him in front of many people, "You are a monster!

There is much more to say about this selfish and diabolic individual. We will come back soon.


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